Hawaiʻi Region

Beach Cleanups

Tackling plastic pollution, one beach at a time.

Many volunteers are first introduced to their local Surfrider Foundation Chapter through a beach cleanup. Chapters across Hawaii host large community beach cleanups, oftentimes on a monthly basis. The Kauai Chapter also hosts a core group of “Net Patrol” volunteers who focus on removing large fishing nets and fishing gear. Surfrider’s Beach Cleanup program helps tackle the ocean litter issue – primarily caused by plastic pollution – through education for action, citizen science, and campaigns. We are all part of the solution and together we can restore our coastlines, one beach at a time. Contact your local chapter for more information about upcoming cleanups.

Beach Cleanups During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chapter group cleanups are on hold. But you can still do your part to reduce rubbish on our beaches. Chapters are currently encouraging the public to participate in Solo Cleanups. You can also enter your data online. It’s easy and quick to register at https://cleanups.surfrider.org/ and all the data our citizen scientists collect helps to inform advocacy and policy decisions. Use this data card as you go and help us track important beach cleanup data.

Please abide by the rules and guidance put forth by our state and local government and the CDC.